He is a house dog and has been around many kids. Brave, playful, energetic, pleasant and cheerful, their tails are seemingly always in motion. Energetic and eager to work, with a great nose, she is steady on point and collar conditioned. When hunting with a properly trained English Springer Spaniel, the animal knows to stay within shooting range of the hunter and his/her gun and will give clues when it smells a familiar scent. Harry Pupper . The English Springer Spaniel is a sweet-faced, lovable bird dog of great energy, stamina, and brains. In addition to formal obedience training these dogs have been socialized around the house, kids and other dogs, introduced to retrieving, birds and gunfire. Includes Force Fetched, Collar Conditioned, Stops on whistle and takes directional casts. Excellent hunter. Clover retrieves to hand, hunts at close range and is collar conditioned. Started Pointing Lab Pup Tremendous Pedigree! Cassie is a 65 lb, intact, Black Lab Female. You can see the dogs on our website at www.outbackgundogs.com. inception in 1985 Citari has selected a few pups from every breeding that takes place here at the homestead to train as started gundogs. The dam is a sleek, lean, and athletic dog. 3 Started Male Field Cockers (1 Tan, 2 Blk), Started British Labrador Female (Upland, shed hunting). Finished Hunting Dogs Our finished hunting dogs are truly amazing animals. DA Breeder:Andy Miller. I have two males available that were whelped on 7-21-17. Call or email with questions or for more information. Male and female pointing Lab pups whelped 5/4/17. Age N/A. 1 female white $1200 Lancaster Puppies advertises . I started working, breeding and training Springers in the south of England, and then moved to Scotland . 5 YR OLD ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL Prairie Rose Flying Franklin x Blue Tower Heads Up Penny Flushers - English Springer Spaniel - Started Dogs Posted on 01/28/2023 - - Last updated on 01/28/2023 [ Click for Details ] $2,500.00 Hes bold and confident in the field, and hes generally calm and affectionate when not working. Color Brown. Sadie is a fabulous short range setter with a great personality. We are a small breeder of field bred English Springer Spaniels, which we believe are the ultimate upland hunting dogs due to their drive, bird finding, retrieving ability, and temperament. He is a black lab AKC American Breed. She is high drive, tough, Ayla is a small stature(52 lbs) girl that has been through FF, OB, CC and has flushed and retrieved birds for upland work. Actually 9 Field Champions in 3 generation pedigree. Select Puppy Price: $1800.00 Super Puppy Price: $2400.00. Has completed young dog basic training. Memphis-A Hunters Dream Companion (St. Louis, Missouri), (TX) STARTED YELLOW FEMALE FOR SALE, DOB 1/11/2017, Started and finished English Pointers for sale in Texas, Started British Labrador (INT FTCH Sired), Started Experienced German Wirehaired Pointer, Finished female German Shorthaired Pointer, Registered German Longhair Pointer For sale, Black Male 2YRS OLD Out of MOSES X GRADY Daughter, Fully Finished German Wirehair Pointer for sale, Sold. Willie is an accomplished field trial dog and producer of high caliber field trial and hunting dogs in the U.S. and Canada. Male. For more information about Whitewatercreek Kennel, Click here please WHITEWATER CREEK KENNEL Darrell & Colleen Peterson 507-362-8966 (home) 507-339-2837 (cell) spaniels@frontiernet.net !b.a.length)for(a+="&ci="+encodeURIComponent(b.a[0]),d=1;d=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e)}b.i&&(e="&rd="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(B())),131072>=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e),c=!0);C=a;if(c){d=b.h;b=b.j;var f;if(window.XMLHttpRequest)f=new XMLHttpRequest;else if(window.ActiveXObject)try{f=new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")}catch(r){try{f=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")}catch(D){}}f&&(f.open("POST",d+(-1==d.indexOf("?")?"? Within this formula there's considerable room for lyricism, as anyone knows who's heard a huntsman summon Bramble and Bracken, Primrose and Pricket. Has a great disposition, a team player with great desire. HIGH END PUPPIES MAY BE AVAILABLE after Angel comes in season. A Boykin Spaniel generally lives 10-15 years. He will hunt wild and pin raised birds. Works perfectly on the bird.hare. Males OUT OF FC AFC DRAKE'S BAY PARTING OF THE SEA 'MOSES' x 'PIPER' NAFC-FC GRADY DAUGHTER. $700 FOR SALE She has about 25 career field trial points and needs a win to complete her championship. and a Senior hunter. Never misses a retrieve on land or in water. She placed in her first field trial ay 11 months, finished her first national with a certificate of merit at 18 months, and placed 2nd in the 2019 Springer National at 2 1/2 years old. Chipped. ATTA is a 100% high drive, duck hunting machine. See "Our Dogs" and "Puppies" tab. English Springer Spaniel Puppies for Sale in North Dakota, USA, Page 1 (10 per page) - Puppyfinder.com USA Canada United Kingdom Australia Worldwide Europe Albania Andorra Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Beginning Whistle Work. Not spayed, still open for breeding. The Boykin Spaniel is the state dog of South Carolina. English Springer Spaniel. Loves retrieving birds and del Thor is a 21 month old Hunting Machine. Gunner is an 80 pound male that is lean, muscular, and has a beautiful 9 months old. NAVHDA NA PRIZE 1 ,UKC SHOW CH. So a hound name needs to be at least two syllables long.'. This year weve added some additional help at the kennel. This breeding should produce some outstanding pets and hunting dogs, all with good field trial potential. She would make an excellent hunting companion or field trial dog. Maggie had great basic and transition training, has run FT Qualifying. They are retrieving to hand. Our finished English Springer Spaniels are steady-to-wing-and-shot (sit/hup on the flush and waits until released to retrieve the bird), work an impeccable quartering pattern and will handle on blind retrieves on both land and water. She has a very tight, dense and hard coat, with none of the soft long hair. A little bit about me. Was raised in a home and has good house manners. He was originally imported from Denmark, USA then to Canada. Something that didnt come thru though is the big run. His mother, Willowbee Wren is the 2005 British National Field Trial Champion and his father, Timsgarry Barlow is the 2007 British National Field Trial Champion. Millie is our English Springer Spaniel who is an Open All-age Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, and Master Hunter titled at only three years of age. Find a Litter Find a Rescue Find a Stud Breed Information List it here for Free. Spaniels continue to be used for hunting and they're also popular as companion breeds. Basic Obedience2. Pennsylvania American Brittany Breeders & Kennels | Pennsylvania American Brittanys For Sale. We raise pheasants and chukar so this dog has pointed and retrieved hundreds of birds. Raised at home. Puppies will be available for placement August 28th, 2021, Sire FTCH/AFC Bell Wind Willie Willie Dam: Harvest Moons Upland Explorer Scout. . They Are Extremely Intelligent. Unfortunately for Ruger and fortunately for you, he picked the small female. DOB: 09/23/2014 Well bred dog on Buzz is one FABULOUSLY bred young pointer. Land and water retrieves, marked and blind, steady, works from a blind or platform, excellent nose work. Gauge's pedigree includes 4xGMPR HR Sam's Creek High Priest of Israel SH, 4xGMPR MHR Baier's Lady Legacy of Tru Point MH, GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tub SH, Ellie is just turned 6 months old. He is a little over a year old and is We have a Beautiful Selection of Trained Labrador Retrievers. Select Puppy Price $1500 Placement on 09/23/2019 Super Puppy Price $2100.00 Placement date 10/21/2019, Jet Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppy, Sire: FC/AFC Fallen Wings Teachers Pet Johnny Dam: FC Absolutes Abra Cadabra Abbi DOB 06/04/2019. House trained, very well mannered, and on whistle. Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5. Puppy pick up day is May 7th English Springer Spaniel Puppies Males / Females Available 11 weeks old Christy Judah Supply, NC 28462 AKC Champion Bloodline Shogun Spaniels No puppies are available. Whether an English Springer Spaniel dog is used for dog competitions, hunting game, or as the family pet, they have a lifespan of around 10-15 years and definitely make the best out of their lives. //